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Equestrian Romance As F.W. Rider

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen that I also have a second instagram account known as @thefairweatherrider. 

The Fair Weather Rider was my original instagram handle for as long as I can remember and first began as a rather general platform. Fast forward a few years and it soon became apparent that it was rather equine focused. As I began looking to publish equestrian based romantic fiction, I figured there was no better presence than that of my equine instagram name, and so FW Rider was born.

My first dive into publishing was actually heavily focused on contemporary equestrian focused romance. Why? Because I loved writing about my two passions together, equestrian sport and romance.

If you love horses and romance, then do check out my equestrian romance which you can find below, available in e-book and paperback! 

I love tension and angst; I love breathlessness and a desire so strong it makes your thoughts indecipherable. In my equestrian romantic fiction, I focus on equine life in the UK as well as the US and like to dramatise the usual characters you’ll find around any DIY yard. Add in a muscular male lead and a happily ever after and you’ve got my favourite set up for the ultimate equestrian escapism when you can’t actually be with your four-legged loved one.