Welcome To My New Author Website!

Welcome to my brand new website! I couldn’t be more excited to have finally got this baby up and running! It’s taken a lot of work, mostly because I find myself more at home typing a story rather than code! Thankfully, the fabulous lot at WordPress heard my plight and came to my rescue, giving me a fantastic platform to create this little masterpiece of mine without the hassle of java and what not! I’m going to do my best to keep you guys updated at all times! Luckily for you, this isn’t the only place you can find me!

I have several social media accounts and by that I mean two that I actually use! You can find me at Facebook as well as Instagram. I’ve also created and now launched my first ever Patreon page! You’ll find the first of what will be many instalments of Coffee Shop Encounters. I’ll also be launching some new series too in the future but for now, you can enjoy Coffee Shop Encounters and the exploits of the man mountain and his favourite conquest.

As you’ll no doubt see from the slider above, I have a number of titles being released in 2020! A Silver Fox Series will be available via Kindle this coming spring and I cannot wait for you to read it! For more information in the mean time, just DM me via one of the my many social pages or better yet, subscribe to my newsletter to be kept up to date at all times! Much love guys! xx

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